E-Skoot Adventures (4) Eccentric E-Skooter?

I did a piece on the E-Skoot for The Sunday Independent recently and they did a little re-writing in the process. Normally, as Hall and Oates once said “I can’t go for that, no can do”, but this time I decided to let it go.

The word they wanted to insert was ‘eccentric’ – as in, if you didn’t mind driving this E-Skoot thing around “looking a bit eccentric”, then the scooter was fine. “Eccentric” has not been my experience though.
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Politics, not patients, the key influence in choosing hospital site


Dr James Reilly has hardly been a model of impartiality in the past over healthcare locations so why should the National Children’s Hospital be any different?

You really have to wonder about the nature of democracy and democratic accountability when all you get to choose is the difference between a Fianna Fail and Fine Gael politician, and decisions that affect something so basic as children’s health — ie the location of the new children’s hospital — are effectively made by one minister with a dubious record in choosing healthcare locations.

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