What I learned at the Web Summit (Day 1)

I already have my million billion-dollar idea which I picked up at the Web Summit today.

It’s sad to think that despite whatever I have achieved in my life to-date, from now on I’ll be know as ‘that guy who invented ‘WHAPANERD’ (c), and my deep meditations on life, my kindness to animals, and my general good humour will be forgotten in light of that massive world-wide success.
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The Web Summit

The Web Summit takes place this week in Dublin, possibly for the last time, and definitely for the immediate future. I’m going to be attending with the E-Skoot team, and will blog about anything that seems interesting to me, and hopefully it will be to you too.

So I wanted to give a little warning that you may get a few emails this week, and what those emails might be about.

If you want me to look at something, someone in particular, let me know.