Extra! Extra! Read all about Skooting!

The E-Skoot has received quite a bit of press since its launch – so it’s not just me that’s an ‘enthusiast’. Here are some of the best bits for those of you who are interested.

The Irish Times ran this review today and earlier this week Silicone Republic ran this review, which includes some video.

There is also my own effort in The Sunday Independent, but then you know I’m a keener.

So, I suppose it’s nice that people say nice things about the E-Skoot. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything less, but you never know.

One group who are a bit more negative are our old friends, the Revenue Commissioners. For some reason known only to them, they say the E-Skoot does not qualify for the ‘Bike to Work’ scheme.

It’s hard to fathom why they might do that. It fits all the criteria of a pedelec in that the power of the battery and the maximum top speed are the same, so why wouldn’t it qualify?

Basically because the Irish government and its bureaucratic back-up work at about the speed of, of, well say a person walking down the street, compared to a person skooting.

Eventually they will get around to it and then, more likely than not, they will make a mess of it – demanding all sorts of restrictions because it is ‘new’.

We love restrictions, limitations, health and safety, bureaucracy, fines and generally interfering with other people’s business in this country, so I’m sure when the Bill on E-Skooting comes out it will be large and unwieldy.

There are three reasons why the ‘Bike to Work’ scheme was started. The first was to support the reduction in CO2 emissions required under the Climate Change Directive. Obviously, the E-Skoot encourages public transport and will get more people out of their cars. So it clearly fulfills that criterion.

The second reason was to support traffic decongestion. If the E-Skoot has any one purpose it is to do that.

The third reason was to promote health and fitness. While not as energy-sapping as a bike, the E-Skoot does take a bit of work and, after all, you can still push yourself along if you wish. Aside from that, there is still a lot more activity in driving an E-Skoot than in sitting in a car.

But this is all logic, so it won’t concern the political powers that be.

In the meantime, happy reading and skooting.

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