E-Skoot Adventures (2) – Combining with public transport

The main purpose of the E-Skoot, its raison d’etre, is that when you combine it with public transport you can easily travel to a much wider range of locations. This makes it a very environmentally sound proposition, but also a very handy one.

Last night I put this theory into practice. My goal was to attend a music session with two friends of mine who play in the group, Old Hannah. (This is their latest single ‘West’)

The only problem with this is that they were playing in The Beerhouse on Capel Street and I live near the Cherrywood Roundabout in Cabinteely, 17 km away.

Google Maps reckons it should take me 39 minutes in a car, but then, if I took my car, I couldn’t have a drink. It’s no good saying to me that I could have one, or two, because where does that stop? In any case, I’m one of those people who can’t enjoy a drink when I’m driving because of the stress of ‘maybe’ being over the limit. Plus there’s all the parking and security issues.

So I decided to go by means of the LUAS and E-Skoot.

Here’s a picture of the E-Skoot under a LUAS seat. As you can see, the steering handle folds back into the device while the handles can also be folded into the handle. This makes it small enough to fit under or beside a seat, or, on a crowded LUAS, small enough to hold standing beside you.

E-Skoot under a LUAS seat

E-Skoot under a LUAS seat

The journey in total took me 52 minutes broken down as follows:
Left home: 20:48 pm
Arrive at LUAS station: 20:50 pm
LUAS departs: 20:52 pm
Arrive at St Stephen’s Green: 21:30 pm
Arrive at the Beerhouse: 21:40 pm

Okay, you can say I was lucky with the LUAS, in that I was only waiting two minutes for one to arrive, but then you have to factor in how law-abiding I was in Dublin City Centre. I stopped for every light, traveled on all the cycle paths available and traveled at a very safe speed when there were pedestrians involved (such as the journey down Grafton St.).

I’m not suggesting it would be okay to break the rules of the road (there’s another issue there – what are the rules of the road in relation to motorised scooters?) but if I were to use typical cyclist shortcuts, I could have gotten there sooner. Still, ten minutes from St Stepehen’s Green to the corner of Capel St./Bolton St. is pretty good for anyone who knows that distance and traffic. Google Maps, for example estimate that distance to be 3.9 km and they reckon it should take you 18 minutes! In a car!

So, I got there easily and a good time was had by all. I got a lift home from a friend parked in Exchequer St. He left ten minutes before me so we would arrive at the car at the same time. He dropped me to where he lives in Ballybrack, and, after a nightcap, I went home on the E-Skoot, a distance of about 2 km in a matter of minutes.

It truly is so convenient.

On the alcohol question, I had three beers – which would be over the limit if I was driving. But I didn’t feel either stressed with the worry of being caught (because I don’t think I was doing anything illegal since I wasn’t driving a car) and because given the conditions (ie. three pints drunk) I was taking greater care than usual.

And here’s an interesting sidebar to that – there was no social opprobrium towards me because of my actions. If I had said I was driving home, I know my friends would have disapproved and made their disapproval clear. However, the fact that I was not propelling two tons of metal may have had something to do with that. If anyone was going to get hurt, it would only be me.

I am going to write about safety issues in a future post so keep up with my blog by signing up…

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