Health savings would fund more doctors

The health service does not need more money to improve the service radically and about €2bn should be reallocated to provide more doctors in the system, according to Dr Edward Walsh, the founding president of the University of Limerick. Dr Walsh was speaking at the National Association of General Practitioners‘ annual general meeting in Dublin.

He said Ireland had the highest hospital prices in the OECD, as well as its most inefficient health system, and that €1.7bn would need to be taken off the health budget to make it as efficient as the average OECD country. A further €2bn would need to be taken off to make Ireland as competitive as New Zealand. Continue reading »

Why it’s crucial the State heeds warnings of GPs

The National Association of General Practitioners says that the primary care system is close to collapse.

Terence Cosgrave talks to three doctors about the choices and challenges they face and why one doesn’t regret his decision to emigrate.

CUTBACKS in general practice have reached a breaking point, with many GPs operating at a loss or breaking even. It means that many will have to reduce their service to the public or even leave Ireland to earn a reasonable income. The result could be a devastating blow to general practice in Ireland – a service that is universally acknowledged by the public as the one area of the health service that works.

Dr David Janes, for example, is a GP in rural Waterford near the town of Clonmel. He says that last month he worked for nothing, as by the time he had paid for all his overheads, there was no money left to pay himself a salary. With a wife and three children, that position is untenable.

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