Welcome to Liversalts

Welcome to my blog – Liversalts.com – designed to help both you and me digest the fare that passes for ‘news’ in the mainstream media.

The idea came to me one night when I was having difficulty sleeping because of an upset stomach. I thought to myself “There’s something I’ve taken that is just not going down well” and the metaphor struck home. I couldn’t digest it. It didn’t make sense. It was going to be harder than normal to accept.

Of course, time passes and all these things pass, but do we really learn about them after they’ve gone? At that stage, it’s no longer an issue (or a story in the media) and we all move on, like the media moves on.

But the mainstream media is interested only in what’s news today, often without the context of why it is news, what caused it, and why it will continue in many cases.

My area of expertise is the health service, medicine and healthcare in Ireland, but I will also touch on other subjects such as politics, parenting, music, good movies, books and albums, the shortcomings of the Irish media, and anything else that intrigues or bothers me. Recently, I’ve been given the use of an E-Skoot – a motorised scooter that is incredibly handy and a lot of fun. I’ve been reviewing its performance here as well.

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Thanks for reading and maybe commenting (please do – all contributions welcome) and if you want to follow me, thanks again for that.

I hope some of it allows the medicine to go down a bit easier.