What I learned at the Web Summit (Day 2)

If you were put in a cell measuring three feet by six feet, you’d have a cause for complaint with Amnesty International, but that’s just about all the space you’ll get as a ‘free’ exhibitor at the Web Summit. And when I say ‘free’, I obviously don’t mean it.

No, ‘free’ in this context runs anywhere from €1,900 to €2,500 – possibly more, but that was all the research I managed to get done today. For that, you get a hard-backed poster with your name and brand on it, and the afore-mentioned space. Except, that’s public space, so if someone decides to stand in it blocking anyone from coming near you, well, we’re developing and app for that.

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What I learned at the Web Summit (Day 1)

I already have my million billion-dollar idea which I picked up at the Web Summit today.

It’s sad to think that despite whatever I have achieved in my life to-date, from now on I’ll be know as ‘that guy who invented ‘WHAPANERD’ (c), and my deep meditations on life, my kindness to animals, and my general good humour will be forgotten in light of that massive world-wide success.
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The Web Summit

The Web Summit takes place this week in Dublin, possibly for the last time, and definitely for the immediate future. I’m going to be attending with the E-Skoot team, and will blog about anything that seems interesting to me, and hopefully it will be to you too.

So I wanted to give a little warning that you may get a few emails this week, and what those emails might be about.

If you want me to look at something, someone in particular, let me know.


E-Skoot Adventures (5) Up and Down

When people try scooting, they rarely ask me about the negatives. Usually they are trying the E-Skoot for the first time, and that is a remarkable experience. For someone who hasn’t been on one before, it’s like nothing they have ever tried before.

So they tend to be in ‘Wow’ mode while they are trying out the E-Skoot, and it doesn’t come up. But there are ups and downs to everything, and in this case, the downs are that the E-Skoot cannot fulfill all your motoring needs. It will not, for example, allow you to bring your family on a Sunday outing.
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E-Skoot Adventures (4) Eccentric E-Skooter?

I did a piece on the E-Skoot for The Sunday Independent recently and they did a little re-writing in the process. Normally, as Hall and Oates once said “I can’t go for that, no can do”, but this time I decided to let it go.

The word they wanted to insert was ‘eccentric’ – as in, if you didn’t mind driving this E-Skoot thing around “looking a bit eccentric”, then the scooter was fine. “Eccentric” has not been my experience though.
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E-Skoot Adventures (3) Street Legal

There has been much debate in recent days in Ireland about new laws designed to make cyclists more compliant with the rules of the road. Introduced by Minister Pascal Donohoe, the law calls for a €40 fine for cyclists who break red lights, travel on footpaths and travel the wrong way up a one-way street.

The restriction on cyclists being on footpaths has been limited though, because it is thought that sometimes, for safety reasons, cyclists need to mount footpaths (for example in school environments). So they have limited that law and handed it over to Garda discretion by creating the offence: “Cyclists driving a pedal cycle without due consideration for others”.
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E-Skoot Adventures (2) – Combining with public transport

The main purpose of the E-Skoot, its raison d’etre, is that when you combine it with public transport you can easily travel to a much wider range of locations. This makes it a very environmentally sound proposition, but also a very handy one.

Last night I put this theory into practice. My goal was to attend a music session with two friends of mine who play in the group, Old Hannah. (This is their latest single ‘West’)

The only problem with this is that they were playing in The Beerhouse on Capel Street and I live near the Cherrywood Roundabout in Cabinteely, 17 km away.
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Eskoot Adventures (1) – Here comes the future

I have been lucky enough to have been given the use of an E-Skoot (pictured below) for a couple of weeks and I’m going to document my experience of using it here. You can view the official site for E-Skoot by clicking this link Electric Scooters, which will give you an idea of what this vehicle can do.

But that website will just show you the product. On Liversalts, you’re going to get the chance to see how I experienced E-Skoot, and the things that it allows you to do. I think it will cause a major change, a revolution in fact, in transport in Ireland. Continue reading »