Why you can’t vote for a better health system

This week the Health Service Executive response to a report by the Comptroller and Auditor General was sent erroneously to Oireachtas members and subsequently revealed in the media. Among other things, it showed that one HSE employee who traveled to New York took a ‘personal guest’ along, literally, for the ride.

The employee claimed the air fare for his/her ‘friend’, and the hotel bill showed that the two had stayed in the same room. Other claims showed that employees were claiming drinking expenses while traveling the world at the expense of the HSE, which is, after all 100% funded by the taxpayer. Continue reading »

Fair health to you

When we think about health and wellness, or more rarely, its converse, death and illness, we are troubled by the unfairness and arbitrary nature of it all. Now that modern medicine has conquered a great many illnesses (especially infant disease and death) we assume that we will have longer and healthier lives than our parents, and that most other people will too.

But then we hear of tragic cases and it seems so unfair. Suicides, rare diseases and a seemingly random genetic lottery strikes one person down with a fatal disease, while others smoke their way into their nineties. “It’s not fair”, we think.

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